Carl S. English brought his wife, Betah, and 3 children to Clark County from Michigan, and 5 more children were born on the farm. He was a well-educated man, having a degree from Michigan State University, and was the first Superintendent of the first hydroelectric power plant in Lowell, Michigan, before moving to Clark County. He had built a “horseless carriage” about the same time as Henry Ford, and generated electricity for the farm with a gas-powered internal combustion engine. He took hundreds of photographs, developed the film in the bathroom and mounted most of them on glass slides. He was born in 1860 and died in 1956 at the ripe old age of 96. His son, Ferris, lived to be 98. Early life on the Farm was devoted to clearing the land, growing potatoes, grain and prunes, and eventually a dairy was established, which continued until the early 1970’s. Winegrapes were first planted in 1980.

Early life required farming with horses, until machines became available to make the hard work easier.

The main winery building was built in 1915 and has a 40 foot hay loft which has been a favorite playground of several generations of English family children (and adults).

Over the years side sheds were added to store potatoes and hay, and in the 1950’s the concrete front buildings were added to house a dairy which operated until the early 1970’s. Today the structure houses the winery and tasting room.

In front of the main barn is another tasting room which was originally the Pump House.  In the early 1900’s an AerMotor Chicago water windmill pumped water from a well underneath the Pump House.

The craftsman-style Manor House was built in 1917 and has undergone little change since that time.

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