Whether you enjoy our wines at home or serve them in your establishment, our BIBB system is a great way to serve premium wine from an attractive container, eliminate waste, and preserve freshness.
The attractive wooden case looks great on a counter or behind the bar, and we can also provide a metal rack that lifts the box off the surface and accomodates a glass for filling.
Each BIBB contains a 3 liter bag, which is the equivalent of 4 bottles of wine.
The best part is that you can serve a single glass at a time without exposing the remaining wine to destructive oxygen.
Your wine stays fresh for weeks or months.
We were among the first small wineries to pioneer this concept and have tuned it over the years for efficiency and aesthetics.  We make all components of our system available to other wineries and home wine makers!


If you would like more information about our BIBB (bag-in-a-beautiful box) System, please contact us.

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